Livermore Recreation & Parks District

Livermore, CA

With over 90,000 square feet of recreational area, including a community center and pool, the Livermore Recreation and Parks District had a huge project on their hands. Syserco Energy Solutions was able to step in and provide an array of technologies and energy efficient measures to help the district cut costs and make necessary improvements to their recreational facilities.

Upgrades for this project included DDC building management controls, integration of heat tape for thermal energy into building automation system (BAS), replacement of their packaged chiller with a high efficiency, magnetic bearing chiller, replacement of the heating hot water boilers and pool boilers, replacement of air-handler belts with Cogged V-belts, installation of new variable frequency drives (VFDs) on chilled water and heating hot water pumps, LED lighting and controls integration, and various building envelope improvements including door sweeps, seals, building penetration caulking, window film. A 437,400 kW Solar PV Carport was also installed, ultimately saving the recreation and parks district hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.