Piner-Olivet Union School District

Santa Rosa, CA

Piner-Olivet Union School district had embarked on a large solar project several years ago, resulting in the installation of solar panels at each of their five sites. Collectively, these solar arrays offset approximately 80% of the district’s energy usage. The district was also beginning to experience challenges with outdated, and even failing HVAC equipment, poor lighting, and building systems that were difficult to diagnose and control. The districts elected Syserco Energy Solutions to implement campus-wide energy efficiency upgrades by utilizing Prop 39 funding.

This project resulted in new LED lighting technology, new lighting controls, new HVAC equipment, and new energy management systems (EMS) with programmable thermostat controls. These improvements have saved money, reduced staff time for repairs, and improved the overall conditions in each classroom. The project has improved comfort and given the district access to valuable data that can be monitored, reported, and ultimately acted upon when necessary. Following the completion of this project, the district started working with our team to develop an additional project phase that will target Zero Net Energy (ZNE) for the entire campus.