Mountain View Public Library

Mountain View, CA

The two-story City of Mountain View Public Library was built in 1997 and serves over 660,000 visitors per year. The Library, along with the Center for the Performing Arts and the City Hall, is housed at the Mountain View Civic Center.

As the city began to experience a dramatic increase in monthly energy costs and a decrease in comfort for staff and visitors, they looked to their long-term partner Syserco to develop a comprehensive solution to address their rising costs and comfort issues.

After analyzing energy data and existing equipment operation, Syserco designed a phased approach to address both the energy and comfort concerns. This approach featured the replacement and repair of equipment, including the replacement of the 17-year-old legacy control system with a modern BACnet based Alerton EMCS.

The library was integrated into the existing, city-wide Alerton EMCS with a web-based graphic interface that allows remote access of all operations including scheduling, comfort temperature settings, and optimal equipment operation.

Through the combination of mechanical improvements, the implementation of advanced control algorithms, and the improved EMCS interface, the City of Mountain View has reduced their energy spending by nearly 50% from pre-project trending costs.